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Communication is Key

Communication, is more often times than not, the lifeblood of an organization. Its importance, internally and externally, is sometimes ignored by organization heads; which unfortunately leads to the demise of the organization. Here are five tangible steps to take to be competitive in the communication sphere:

Let the professionals do their job

Because we can communicate; some business owners make the mistake of thinking they are ‘Communicators.’ They overlook the importance of having professionals hired to carry out their roles as Communication strategists, coordinators and managers. When you employ the ideal communication professional to fit the needs of your business, you can feel comfortable to know your business’ communication portfolio is being handled professionally.

Know your target audience

If you are unaware of who you want to communicate to/with: your message will be lost. Adequate research must be done to ascertain the communication mechanisms, the psycho-social behaviours, the spending pattern and demographic data of your ideal audience and how they consume their media messages. A targeted communication approach provides the best message reach success.

Use an integrated approach

Communication is an ever- evolving, dynamic industry. What may be deemed as an ideal approach last month may not be so in months to come. Therefore always seek to use an integrated approach when trying to reach your ideal audience. A balanced mix of traditional, digital and experiential mechanisms will give you maximum results.

The Message

The message is the foundation of the communication effort for a brand or an organization. The message is what the person/organization/brand wants the ideal target to receive. Messages need to be complete to ensure misunderstandings are not created. Feedback mechanisms are also to be considered and implemented to ensure that the ideal audience understands and is able to carry out the necessary actions that are required (if any).

The messenger (Influencer Marketing)

Your messenger is equally important as the message. Brand collaboration through the use of influential individuals has been a part of a good communication mix for ages. However, with the advent of social media, the term ‘influencer marketing’ has become popular as social media influencers are employed to endorse brands to increase the reach of the brand or even introduce the brand to new markets. If you choose to use ‘Influencer marketing’ ensure that the ‘influencer’ has influence with your ideal target audience or is able to open up new audiences to your brand. Because without that formula, you/your brand will stand to lose from such an engagement.

To ensure you have a robust communication system, constant revision is necessary. Keeping up with global trends is key and avoiding a ‘silver bullet’ methodology while employing a targeted approach is recommended.

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