About Struxtured

Struxtured Holdings Limited (Struxtured) is a privately owned Jamaican Holding Company established by Young Professional Jamaican shareholders. The primary mandate of Struxtured is to establish high growth businesses across targeted sectors, relying primarily on the vast pool of Intellectual Property which exists among young professionals in Jamaica.

Struxtured’s main mandate is to establish and grow high net worth businesses across targeted sectors of the Jamaican economy helping to create jobs, grow and establish new industries, and increase the country’s productive capacity.

It is the long term intent of Struxtured Holdings Limited to establish large scale Multinational Companies which are based in Jamaica, owned by Jamaicans, and powered primarily by Jamaican talent.


Struxtured Holdings maintains core principles which are non-negotiable in our operations. These principles epitomizes the very essence of who we are as a company.   At STRUXTURED we continuously strive for excellence by living up to our core values:

World Class Standard Performance

We operate at global standards at all times, ensuring that our business processes are globally competitive thus creating industry leaders in the sectors we operate.

Training, Research & Development

Our team members continuously engage in intense training thus developing their skillsets in their various industries. Extensive research is also carried out to ensure that our publicised products and services are top class.


We prioritize the use of technology in ideation thus creating a continuous innovation pool within the industries and sectors we operate.

Safety & Security

We ensure all safety and security standards are implemented and maintained. This ensures the protection of our Team Members, Employees, Customers, and all persons and features who interact with the environments and platforms within which we operate.


We pride on delivering the products/services as per our agreements with the intent of not only satisfying but exceeding the expectations of our clients at all times.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to become a global company that is known for proving world class service to our clients. We aim to be known as a premier customer focused entity that designs, invests in, builds, renews, and maintains the environment in which we live, work, play, and do business. 

Our strategic priorities are:

  • To create, sustain, and grow high net worth businesses in growth and emerging sectors in Jamaica and other strategic markets across the globe.
  • To consistently grow our businesses to become among the first choice, first in class entities across the sectors in which we operate.
  • To achieve and maintain the highest standard and quality performance, and efficiency in all our businesses across all the markets and sectors in which we operate.
  • To provide a first in class customer centric experience.
  • To provide the ideal work environment for our highly motivated and high performance teams while also providing a training ground for upcoming professionals.
  • To be on the cutting edge of innovation and technology across all classes and sectors of our businesses.