Jamaica’s readiness for greater levels of investment in Agricultural and Ago-Processing related businesses is bolstered by an expansive local market coupled with over four million visitors to the island annually. This value proposition is further bolstered by the increasing international demand for high quality Jamaican produce and the country’s proximity to key export markets. 

The total contribution of Agriculture to the Jamaican economy goes beyond raw materials and commodities and extends into the manufacturing of goods. For FY 2018/2019, combined agricultural goods and processed foods contributed US$329.9 Million or 19% to Jamaica’s export earnings. The demand for Jamaican foods is continuosly growing in international markets, even as local consumers and businesses increase consumption. The new agricultural frontier for Jamaica is one of diversification, niche marketing, and value-added products. Growth in the sectors will require initiatives which are research-oriented, market-driven, and export-led. 

The demand drivers for Jamaica’s agricultural produce are as follows:

Internal Market: A large domestic market and consistent tourist trade that requires a steady supply of produce.

External Market: Global demand for high quality Jamaican produce, particularly in the Diaspora and Ethnic Markets. 

Strategic Location: Proximity to key markets such as the United States, Canada, Central and South America.

Unique Flavour Profiles: Premium Jamaican crops such as the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee, fine/flavour cocoa, high-quality pimento, and ginger are rated among the best in the world.

Struxtured Holdings will seek to capitalise on these opportunities in the sector by investing in initiatives to improve linkages between Producers and Manufacturers, and through contract farming arrangements to improve supply chain efficiency. We will seek to invest in Supply Chain and Logistics arrangements to buy, sort, grade, and transport produce and processed foods to the specification of individual buyers, large businesses and distributors both locally and overseas.