Creative Industries

Jamaica is easily the country with the greatest cultural impact per capita in the world. 2019 data indicates that the total impact on the Jamaican economy from Festivals and Events was $27.8 Billion, with Festivals accounting for 75% at $21.5 billion dollars.

In addition, data from the same 2019 research indicated that total impact for the entire Entertainment Industry stood at $89.6 Billions Dollars, with 63.3% or $56.7 Billion being accounted for by Events, Festivals and Nightlife. 

The Creative Industries was estimated to contribute $195 Billion to the Jamaican Economy or 9.3% of GDP. The Creative Industries was estimated to employ (directly or indirectly) 76,382 persons or 5.7% of the Labour Force.

These figures serve to highlight the economic and social impact of the Creative Industries, and highlight the significant opportunity for greater impact through further growth and advancement in the Creative Industries. 

Structured Holdings is intent on exploring these opportunities and will be advocating very aggressively to establish high growth and high net worth opportunities in Jamaica’s Creative Industries with a primary focus on the Festival Economy.