The Financial Services Sector is well established in Jamaica with a fairly comprehensive network of Commercial Banks, Credit Unions, Building Societies and Insurance Brokers. These institutions offer Commercial Banking, Capital Markets, and Investment Services. They are regulated by the Bank of Jamaica and the Financial Services Commission. These licensed Financial Institutions have a fairly comprehensive branch network which sees all major towns and cities across the island being served by one or more branches of a Financial Institution. 

In addition, this complement of regulated financial institutions is supported by a fairly large number of Micro Lenders, who were unregulated until the 2021 passage of the Micro Credit Act.

In spite of this fairly established network of financial institutions offering a wide variety of financial services, data indicates that a majority of Jamaicans could either be classified as unbanked or underbanked.

This is an indication that in spite of this fairly extensive coverage, there are still large gaps in the markets which are not being filled.

Struxtured will develop a client centric approach to developing institutions to offer various financial services in the Jamaican market. 

We will engage in broad based consultations with potential clients and all stakeholders to ascertain what are the services they desire which are currently not being offered, or what are the modalities they would like to see implemented to better deliver the services they want and desire.

Structured will then use this information to develop a suite of financial services, within the confines of regulatory requirements and fiduciary responsibilities.